PUBLIC ADDRESS: Vita Kuben, Norrlandsoperan, Sweden
This show combines three pieces. The silent video FRONT (2010), the audio text OSIS (2012) and outside the gallery, the Wall of Broadsides (OSIS) (2011). The two main pieces have both been edited and reworked into one coextensive audiovisual structure specifically for this season on language and sound art at Vita Kuben. FRONT was originally commissioned by Møllebyen Poesie festival 2011 and composed in response to the collapsing landscapes of recent environmental disasters and social responses connected to both ultimate and intimate boundary crossings. It consists of four graphic-visual treatments.OSIS: When the silent film goes dark, the soundpiece and towncrier's call OSIS starts to play. A suffocating atmosphere and very little relief in this combination of pieces and modes. The broadsides are hung outside the gallery and were initially used in this way in my solo show Middling English (John Hansard Gallery, 2010. Video composed and edited by C Bergvall and video artist Erica Scourti. OSIS written and sung by C Bergvall, remixed by Adam Par