Art Practice Mentoring

Individual sessions

Art Practice Mentoring | individual sessions for writers and artists  | enhanced creative development | approaches, productivity, projects | new confidence | Rates: £50 per hourly session | Available spots from Feb’2021 |


I am currently offering individual art practice mentoring to interested writers and artists of various levels and backgrounds. Online.  

Whether you are new to writing, or text-based art-making, or are more experienced, these mentoring sessions are designed to support you in any way you require at this point in time.

They can provide you with a place to talk through the development of your ideas, content and materials, share your personal and creative motivations, shake off procrastination, and hone in on your methods, strengths, ways of working.

We will look at ways you can plan a piece of work, organise your time, and how to enable your concentration, deepen your focus and sense of inner freedom.

Questions of identity, cultural belonging, personal experiences of brushing against the status quo all affect us and can at times deeply test one’s resolve as a writer/artist. These are important aspects to tease out in order to favour your approach to your work, and build up your fearlessness and sense of purpose, as well as your excitement about making work and taking new risks with your materials.

Writing can take many forms, use different content and outputs, be creative or non-fiction. It can be part of a performance, sound-pieces, or site-specific. Each presents their own sets of questions. If you are preparing a reading, or setting up a show, we can rehearse it together and set you up for your online presentations.

These mentoring sessions are private and tailored to support and encourage your processes, your thoughts, your risk-taking, your dilemmas and grow your sense of confidence.


I have been developing these mentoring sessions to help and encourage writers and artists like you to get further in their practice. To deal with personal demands as well as work through the isolation we’re all affected by at this time.

The sessions are intimate and personalised. We create a pace and focus together so as to best work with your level, experience and needs.

Writers from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, LGBTQ+ writers, writers with diverse and multiple linguisic heritage, and writers with various health conditions are very welcome. Please don’t hesitate to make contact.

Sessions are usually in English, and can include other languages as part of the work.

If this feels like something you could benefit from, or if you have any additional queries, just get in touch. We can take it from there.

I currently have a few new openings. Do feel free to make contact by writing to me. Email me here.


£50 per hourly session. Packages of five sessions are a highly productive way to deepen your progress. Sessions can take place across timezones.

I look forward to hearing from you. Take care,

Caroline Bergvall,  February’ 21.


Please note. Critical close reading of longer drafts are not included here but can be arranged separately.


Photo credit: Christa Holka

My Experience

I have over 20 years of experience teaching writing and art practices in universities and art colleges across the world. I have held appointments at Kings College London, Dartington College of Arts, Bard College Summer Program, Temple University Philadelphia, School of Art and Design Geneva. In many of my roles, I have been responsible for curriculum development, research supervision and have structured as well as taught writing and interdisciplinary courses. As a Fellow for institutions such as Cambridge University, Whitechapel Gallery London or the Gray Center for the Arts  Chicago, I have been invited to create writing-led public events.

As well as undertaking teaching and lecturing roles, I often work with external organisations to host in-person and online workshops with artists and writers looking to hone and develop their craft.

Recently, I have launched my own workshops (discover more here) as well as offering 1-2-1 mentoring. I’ve been asked to mentor in the past and was unable to undertake this, but now due to lockdown and the interconnectivity that this new, more digital world has brought us, I decided to see if people would be interested in working with me on a more personal basis.

My approach to these sessions will not be rigid, it will be up to us to set the flow of the sessions, to talk about what you would like from a mentoring session and see if I can assist you as you progress with your writing and your own art. I’m looking forward to helping you with your own journey if I can.