New Energy New Writing

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Duration: 2 hours |  Online | Tasks, Materials, Conversations| Levels: Open | led by Caroline Bergvall | Live Tech support |


This two-hour-long writing session was created to meet the new year and continued lockdown with a courageous and positive framework, release procrastination, and isolation, think anew, explore and recharge our practices. This is so important after a year of such profound changes and interruptions.

It is the most generalist and open level of the workshops. Through tasks, materials, and conversations I wished to provide some food for thought, and thoughts for practice. Tasks are inspired by other writers and artists to unlock thoughts, writing blocks, or various hold-ups at this time.

They are asked to think about where they are with their practice. With simple and releasing tasks, we seek to stoke the joys and strengths about making work.


Re-assess and commit to your writing routine


Other hand writing

Frame space and time

Group writing


This is an essential aspect of the network and team building sought with all these workshops and intensives. Every participant is invited to leave their email so they can continue working together.


“I really liked the insertion of inspiring authors/artists and for me, these added a kind of aspirational element – I’m inhaling fresh mountain air here, not just ordinary London air – anyone can breathe this fresh air if they make the effort to get up the mountain”

Hilary Fraser, Developmental coach, writer
Solitary to Solidary

On a personal note, I started to run these workshops and writing intensives in a spirit of creative sharing and sustenance during the first lockdown of Spring-Summer 2020. It felt crucial to offer conversations and practice support against the deeply felt isolation. Even amongst people used to working on their own. The workshops are so far run totally independently of any financial partner, yet bursaries are always offered on application and student fares are geared to help low income writers, artists, researchers.