Visual Writing

Writing Intensive

Duration: 3 hours |  Online | Tasks, Materials, Conversations| Levels: Open | led by Caroline Bergvall | Live Tech support |

Participants Feedback

“Really valuable in terms of shifting my practice and opening up new lines of enquiry... the workshop was fun, inspiring, well-paced, efficiently organised and facilitated clearly and with warmth (a rare and precious combination!“

Visual Writing Participant 13 March '21

“The association between physicality of writing (breath) and mark, really opened things up. It's a great way of getting passed the vertigo of plans.”

Visual Writing Participant 13 March '21


This workshop is part of the ongoing series of writing intensives that I started during the global lockdowns to provide sustenance and exploration, ease isolation and maintain networks between arts practitioners.  They have become increasingly geared towards my thinking through and trying out new paradigms of literary and interrelational arts practice.