New Year, New Workshops – January Newsletter



Hello Friends – I needed to get past the 20th Jan to be able to send my good wishes of Relief and Optimism for Energy and Shared Rebuilding in 2021!

Prompted by lockdowns and isolations, some of you know that I have started to run an online workshop series. I run a few every 3 months or so and am slowly building up a small repertoire of specific motifs and content that provide useful or inspiring sets of practices for writers, artists and researchers.

They have been really amazing to run and the feedback both humbling and deeply encouraging.

Please see below info and live links about the ones coming in February-March!


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Or read how and why they came to be:

I started this workshops series in Summer 2020 explicitly to create a supportive and affirming environment at a time when it was difficult to stay in touch, find a footing, yet urgent and necessary to keep growing, keep learning.

It was directly inspired by my personal creative responses to the first lockdown, and as way of addressing in some small way and through shared art initiatives the ongoing, horrible and isolating anti-citizenry brutality we have seen in so many parts of the world, and some at the heart of my Brexit “home”. In May’20 I created and ran the public writing event NIGHT & REFUGE with invited poets and a circle of spontaneously contributing writers from around the world. In July’20 during two Saturdays the pilot worksop From Solitary to Solidary, addressed collaboration, multilingual poetics and open research in an open and dynamic workshop format.

The workshop series is devised for writers, artists, perfomers,researchers, scholars, activists and artivists of various levels, committed to their practice in a changing world.

Especially valuable to those who transform their use of language/s in culturally specific ways, and/or with activist mindsets.

Perfect if you want to explore timely, current and specific writing models through briefs and in discussion with peers.

The workshops are unique in that I share with you some of my own skills and methods as a writer, performer, interdisciplinary artist. I provide additional support through my teaching and research experience.

They’re short masterclasses, not demanding on your schedule.

Yet they will want to surprise and inspire you to take risks, to unlock new approaches within your writing and research.

That’s why they are small, informal and intimate. They favour peer contact and exchange.

There are two types of rates on offer, and yes, I’m very proud to say that we are still offering bursaries.

Take a look at the links below, join us, share them.

Here’s the schedule, they start quite soon 🙂

And here’s my bio for more information about me here.

Independent initiatives of this kind survive and exist by word of mouth, by direct support. Please share this info, pass it on to anyone you feel would benefit from attending!

6 FEBRUARY – 10 AM-1PM GMT – 3 hours online –

try your hand, let ideas emerge, write & think with a different lens

More information & Tickets are available here:

26 FEBRUARY & 6 MARCH – two-part intensive

share processes, develop team building, explore co-authorship

More information & Tickets are available here:

13 February – 10AM -12noon GMT – 2 hour intensive

an anti-procrastination booster, confidence shot, get going, stoke that idea, that project.

This one’s priced way down or it wouldnt make any sense at all 🙂

More information & Tickets are available here::

Independent initiatives of this kind survive by word of mouth, by direct support. Please share this info, pass it on to anyone you feel would benefit from attending.

Hope to work with you in the Zroom!

Stay safe, Keep your heart warm