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Walter Ronzani: Review Drift, at OperaEstate, Bassano del Grappa. In Il Giornale di Vicenza, 9 Sept. 2018. Italian. PDF.


The Skye Times: Dawn performance draws crowd on roof of Gaelic College, 29 August 2018. In collaboration with Gaelic speakers on the island, Bergvall devised a powerful and entrancing piece, which took the audience on a sonic journey as the sun rose above the mountains. The dawn chorus’ of birds and a passing rain shower added to a multifaceted work.


Paul English: Island’s dawn celebration of Gaelic will tour Europe, 25 August 2018, Press Reader/ Scottish Herald. Short interview incl w Atlas Arts.


Phil Miller: Ragadawn on Skye, 13 June 2018. The Sunday Herald, Preview.


Jonathan Jones: The Guardian 4 June 2018. Whistable Biennale Review.

The most ambitious meditation on the way people, birds and words live in perpetual migration is a performance by Norway’s Caroline Bergvall.


Catherine Humble: Exposed to the Other: Responding to the Refugee in Caroline Bergvall’s Drift in Wilding Analysis: From the Couch to Cultural and Political Life (London: Routledge, 2018)


Kristin Baann Asdal: Norwegian Arts Oct 2017

In less than four months, French-Norwegian poet Caroline Bergvall has been presented with two prestigious literary awards


Áine McMurtry: Giving a Syntax to the Cry: Caroline Bergvall’s Drift, Paragraph, Jun 2018, vo. 41, No. 2 – Essay  –


Katy Lewis-Hood: Clouding knowledge in the Anthropocene:  Lisa Robertson’s The Weather and Caroline Bergvall’s DriftGreen Letters Studies, Ecocriticism, 2018


Adelaide Morris: Forensic Listening: NourbeSe Philip’s Zong! , Caroline Bergvall’s Drift, and the Contemporary Long Poem in Dibur Literary Jounal, Issue 4, Spring 2017 – PDF –


Bruno Ríos:  Drift de Caroline Bergvall in Literal Magazine. On translating Drift into Spanish. In Spanish. March 2017.


David Wallace: “Performance and New Chaucers” in Geoffrey Chaucer: An Introduction, Oxford UP, 2017  – pp. 138-142.


Linda Kinnahan: “Caroline Bergvall’s rearticulated bodies: Photography and the graphic page” in Mina Loy, Twentieth Century Photography and Contemporary Women Poets, Routledge, 2017 – 236-254.


Esther Attias: La litterature fait sa mue  Les Echos, 9 sept 2017


Fondazione Bonotto: Fondazione Bonotto Sept 2017. News and pics from the award ceremony


Piet Joostens: translation into Dutch “Cat in the Throat” nY #34 Aug 2017. Belgian literary print magazine


Emily Bick: Morning Has Spoken The Wire magazine Nov 2016 – Review and interview of Ragadawn


Fari Bradley: Six Pillars, on Resonance FM 21 sept 2016 – Atmospheric mixed sonic piece featuring Ragadawn ao. 30 mins.


Sadie Hasler: A Crossing Bell 20 Sept 2016 – Intimate blog review of “A Crossing Bell” by Angus Carlyle and listening to “Ragadawn” at Estuary festival.


Nancy Groves: A Polyphonic Dawn Chorus in the Essex Edgelands The Guardian 20 Sept 2016


Cecile dalla Torre: A la rescousse des hommes et des langues    Le Courrier de Geneve  14 Sept 2016 – PDF – Review of “Drift” and “Ragadawn”. In Swiss-French daily .


Marie-Pierre Genec: La Batie prend le large et l’eau Le Temps, Geneva 8 Sept 2016


Cecile dalla Torre: Traverser les langues: Portrait de Caroline Bergvall, Le Courrier de Geneve, 9 Sept 2016 – Interview. In French. PDF


Yves Bron: Sonic interview profile, Magnetique 07 Sept 2016. Interview and soundwork from “Drift” (w Ingar Zach). In French. Arts led programme on National Swiss radio, Espace 2.


Kathleen MacQueen: All that is Marvelous: Caroline Bergvall Shifting Connections. 16 Jan 2016


Greg Bem: Drift review RainTaxi, Summer 2015


Ildiko Dao: Love Song (46°12’N), Bains des Pâquis, Geneva Inferno 20 Juin 2015 Review and interview in arts quaterly (online version)


Nicolas Juilliard: radio interview Magma/RTS 17 June 2015 Interview and sound excerpts on Swiss radio’s Magma music programme around my new performance “Love Song” for 2 voices. This piece was commissioned by MAMCO Museum in Geneva and is a prelude to Raga Dawn.


Vincent Broqua: Caroline Bergvall’s Poetics of the Infrathin   synopsis Modernist Legacies, A. Lang et al. (eds.), 2015, Bergvall is an in-between: her work traffics on borders and barriers.


Nathalie Camerlynck: Cat in the Throat: C. Bergvall’s Plurilingual Bodies in Transnational Literature, 2015 – PDF –


Clara Sankey: Drift Review The Improbable. Feb 2015 – This sense of directionlessness – the Vikings called it hafvilla: not knowing where one is on the sea – is the singular thread that ties the book together. Review featuring scans of some of the drawings.


Dana Levin: Get Lost Boston Review, January/February 2015. To fathom Caroline Bergvall’s Drift, you must voyage through the book twice, along two profitable paths: the lost way and the lit way. 


Martha Schwenderer: People and Language, All at Sea New York Times 23 Jan 2015 Review of the show at Callicoon, NY.


Tim Freeborn: Shake that Microtone: Caroline Bergvall’s Drift Rusty Toque, Nov’14 – Essay. In special feature.


Michael Thurston: The Power of Particle Physics  Nov’14 – Review of Drift talk-presentation at MSA Pittsburgh


David Kaufmann: Drift book review in Asymptote Oct 2014 “Caroline Bergvall’s latest book, Drift, is haunted by the loss of the thorn, the yogh, and Anglo-Saxon generally”.


Alice Saville: Drift at the Forge, London, Exeunt magazine Oct 14 – “Poet Caroline Bergvall’s Drift is a multi-millenumial mashup of sea stories”.


Cherry Smyth: DRIFT review in Art Monthly  Oct 14 PDF “Drift marks a significant ethical engagement for poetry in these isles”. Cherry Smyth reviews the performance and the book


Sophie Mayer: Drift at the Southbank Centre: All at Sea The F-Word 26 Aug 2014 Watching this in performance, the testimony is almost overwhelming”. DRIFT live at the Purcell Room and the book.


Sarah Dawson: Drift at the Southbank Centre: I went to see 19 July 2014 – I went to see Drift by Caroline Bergvall last Thursday. review of DRIFT live at the Purcell Room.


Steve Mentz: Caroline Bergvall’s Drift  2 June 2014 – Gorgeous, intricate, impassioned writing. A review of the book and a reader’s report w/ other links


Publishers Weekly: Book review: Drift*  14 May 2014 A book as filled with ghosts as with beauty, as driven by intellect as by wanderlust -PDF-


Sophie Mayer: Who you gonna call ? – Sophie Mayer meets the Ghost Librarians 15 Nov 2013 . Quirky relevant feminist review-essay on voices in the archives and artists as ghost librarians as seen through film/performance/installation works and a short viewing-listen of my Noping. On Electronic Voice Phenomena.


Sue Rainsford: Inscriptive Thorns: Textuality as Artwork, Writing as Visual Presence 2013.  Essay on Bernadette Corporation, Mags Hartnett, Bryony Reid and my Noping piece.


Bronwyn Haslam: A Poetics of Apprehension: Indeterminacy in Gertrude Stein, Emily Dickinson and Caroline Bergvall 2013 Came across this thesis online and feature it here with thanks. PDF.


Ella Delaney, The Power of Sound as Art Form, Oct 3 2013, NY Times. Around the Tate group show

Harriet Staff : Noping The Poetry Foundation. Feb 2013


Jared Wells: Caroline Bergvall’s Deleuzian Stuttering: ‘Via: 48 Dante Variations’ Sprattsmedium, 13 Dec. 2010.


Christopher Nealon: Postures and Mantras (on Caroline Bergvall’s Croup) in English Language Notes 50.1 Spring / Summer 2012


Jacob Edmond: Let’s do a Gertude Stein on it: C Bergvall’s Iterative Poetics, Journal of British & Irish Innovative Poetry (vol 3, no. 2), 2012 – Essay – PDF


Christine Hume: Some Capacities and Fallacies of Literary Hybridity: A Card Game A mention in this short entertaining essay. Featured in (Winter 2011)


Mary Wilson: Meddling, in colloquial terms, is not usually a good thing  Make Magazine, issue #11 (Winter 2011) Meddle English Review.  – PDF –


Linda Kinnahan: British Experimentation and Women: Interview with Caroline Bergvall in Contemporary Women’s Writing, vol 5 no 3 (Nov 2011). Extensive interview with feminist literary scholar – PDF –


Nerys Williams:  “Performance Writing an Experiment: C Bergvall” in Contemporary Poetry, Edinburgh UP, 2011. pp. 124-133.


Bebrowed’s blog: For many years I have wanted to be Steve van Zandt

4 nov 2011 Meddle English reviewed.


Matt Reeck: Blueprints, or Sight-Maps Jacket2. Sept 2011 Review of Meddle English.


Charles Bernstein: Commentary on Meddle English Jacket2, July 2011


Michael Leong: Echo’s Accent Meddle English reviewed, Brooklyn Rail, July/August 2011.


Cole Swensen: Meddle English Review Rain Taxi Review of Books, #62 (Vol. 16 No. 2, Summer 2011) – PDF –


Vincent Broqua: Aux Limites de la Traduction : Caroline Bergvall Le Matricule des Anges, no. 114, juin 2010 – Essay – PDF –


Will Montgomery: Middling English Feature The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music. Cross Platform feature. #358 (June 2011) – PDF –


Kamilla Löfström: Den Sproglige Den sproglige køkkenmødding Information, 26 May 2011. Meddle English reviewed in Danish newspaper . Brings out the historic and poetic connections made in the book between Middle English and contemporary Scandinavian languages.


Abraham Avnisan: Meddle English Review  Poetry Project Newsletter #227 (April-May 2011) – PDF –


Bebrowed’s Blog: On Meddle English & others  April 2011.


Susan Rudy: In Conversation  Jacket2, 1, April 2011.

Long conversation with Canadian feminist scholar Susan Rudy around issues/methods raised by my installed work in relation to writing.


Justin Hopper: Performance writer Caroline Bergvall makes one of her two U.S. stops in Pittsburgh Pittsburgh City Paper, 10 Feb 2011.


Emma Cocker: ANTI Festival 2010 Frieze magazine #136 (Jan-Feb 2011).

Short write-up of my piece FLAG UP.


Sarah Thompson: This show is a must-see if you’re interested in transcultural developments! Middling English review. Transjuice art blog. 22 Sept 2010


Skye Sherwin: Middling English The Guardian, 4 Sept 2010.


Will Montgomery: Say Parsley, Arnolfini Gallery On-Site Feature, The Wire: Adventures in Modern Music, August 2010.


Marjorie Perloff: Language in Migration: Multilingualism and Exophonic Writing in the New Poetics  Textual Practice, vo.24, nr 4 (august 2010) – Essay –


Stephen Lee: Say Parsley, Arnolfini Gallery, Review  Art Monthly, #337 June 2010. PDF to come.


Sina Queyras: Lingual Sculptures , Harriet, Poetry Foundation blog. 26 Jan 2010


Michael Lieberman: on VIA  Book Patrol, 15 Dec 2009.


Genevieve Kaplan: How we read Caroline Bergvall’s VIA and why we should care  Jacket #38. Late 2009.


cris cheek: On Reading and Writing the Sites of Performance (Say Parsley) 

How2 (vol.3 No.3, Winter’09) – Essay –


Sophie Robinson, ed: Special feature: Strictly Speaking on Caroline Bergvall HOW 2 (vol.3 No.3, Winter 2009).

With contributions from: cris cheek, Nathan Brown, Laura Goldstein, Majene Mafe and Sophie Robinson. Also w an unpublished interview w Sophie Robinson. And a couple of pieces of mine.


Mariann Enge: Review of PLESSJOR Aftenposten (28 dec 08)

Review of Plessjor and other H Press output in Norwegian daily newspaper. Reproduced here from her blog. 4 Jan 09.


Karinne & Jason G: The Acousmatic Theater Hour with Karinne and Jason G  “An hour of performance poet Caroline Bergvall”. Audio selection put together by the DJs on radio WFMU. 19 Oct 2008.


Vincent Broqua: Delineating a ‘non-place’ in the UK? 10 notes on experimental poetrywritten by women: Caroline Bergvall and Redell Olsen in E-Rea: revue electronique sur le monde anglophone (Vol. 6.1, October 2008). Essay – PDF.


Kareem Estefan. : ceptuetics: avant garde poetry on the radio  Interview with DJ Kareem Estefan on his lively NYU and internet show. 9 June 2008


DJ Rupture at WFMU: Mudd UP!  Radio Interview. Invited with CDs of my choice on to DJ Rupture’s amazing show. 21 November 2007.


Brian Reed: Lost already walking: Caroline Bergvall’s VIA   Jacket #34 (October 2007) – Essay –


Leonard Schwarz: cross-cultural poetics  Autumn 2007. Radio interview show by Leonard Schwarz. Show #143: Sound System Performance.


Zillakiller: Reading at the Foundry 3 Oct 2007 

Review of Opened Reading at the Foundry on the blogspot: I need some fine words and you need to be nicer, by Zillakiller


Vincent Broqua: Pressures of Never-at-Home: notes on gender in the work of Rosmarie Waldrop & Caroline Bergvall , Jacket #32 (April 2007) – Essay –


Christine Hume: Review of VIA  Raintaxi Review of Books. Spring 2007.


Piers Hugill: Love and Grammar: Fig , Jacket #31 (October 2006) – Essay.


Marjorie Perloff: Screening the Page/ Paging the Screen: Digital Poetics and the Differential Text  in New Media Poetics: Contexts, Technotexts, and Theories ed. Adelaide Morris and Thomas Swiss (MIT Press, 2006) – Essay – PDF


Sina Queyras : The Fruits of Risk  The Brooklyn Rail #5 (May 2006)


Lemon Hound : Structural Articulations: Caroline Bergvall’s Fig  (12 November 2005).


Nicky Marsh: Review of FIG (Salt Books)  HOW 2 (Vol.2. Nr. 2, Dec 2004)


Jake Kennedy : Review of 8 Figs  Verse magazine (October 2004)


Marjorie Perloff: The Poetics of Click and Drag: screening the new poetries 

Essay – PDF –


Nathan Brown: Needle on the Real: Technoscience and Poetry at the Limits of Fabrication  In Nanoculture: Implications of the New Technoscience Ed. N. Katherine Hayles. Bristol: Intellect, 2004. Essay – PDF


Marjorie Perloff: The Oulipo Factor: The Procedural Poetics of Christian Bök and Caroline Bergvall  Jacket #23 (April 2003) – Essay.


Book Review: Goan Atom 1  Publishers Weekly, August 6 2001.


Drew Milne: A Veritable Dollmine: Caroline Bergvall’s Goan Atom  Jacket #12 (July 2000)- Essay –


John Stammers: Speaking in Tongues