RAGADAWN (2015-2019) – outdoor sunrise performance
EVENING WORK (2017-2019) – evening concert-performance
LANGUAGE STATIONS (2016 -2020) – research network, recorded local and translocal conversations

Sonic Atlas is the umbrella title for a series of multilingual performance works by writer and vocal performer Caroline Bergvall. These feature vocal chorus, field recordings and song sequences developed in collaboration with composer, Gavin Bryars and a developing team of musicians, artists and poets based across Europe. Recorded conversations between scholars, writers, singers and speakers of various minoritarian languages form the basis of a treated electronic chorus within the performances, and ongoing contact in the form of discussions, workshops, etc. Each performance is carefully conceived and sited in partnership with its host venue.

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“Watching this in performance, the testimony is almost overwhelming”.

Sophie Mayer The F-Word

Poet Caroline Bergvall’s Drift is a multi-millenniumal mashup of sea stories

Alice Saville Exeunt magazine


“Drift marks a significant ethical engagement for poetry in these isles”

Cherry Smyth Art Monthly

A book as filled with ghosts as with beauty, as driven by intellec

Publishers Weekly Book Review



Gru Transtheatre
Geneva, 2012. UK Premiere: Shorelines Festival. METAL, 8 nov 2013. On tour Autmun 2014.

Shorelines Festival
UK Premiere: METAL, 8 nov 2013.

On tour
Autmun 2014.