Date: 2011
Published: Gefn Press, London

Hand-made text. 4 texts, folded, stapled and sealed, A4 yellow paper, magenta card. 4 writers. Kathy Acker, Unica Zürn, Theresa of Avila, Hannah Weiner.

Commissioned by Katherine Meynell & Susan Johanknecht and their artist focused Gefn Press, for their Volumes of Vulnerability year 2000 release. “23 artists’ books contained in a battered tin 28 x 18 x 12.5cm high”. 500 copies.

Note at the time: “It is a tribute to four writers who, for all their cultural differences, share a trance-like understanding of the connections between text andphysicality, between violence and verbal illumination, between the intimate and the public facets of sexual desire as also a desire for writing”.

Recreated as a digital piece with Anya Lewin and retitled Flèsh. Available at How 1


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