Meddle English

Date: 2011
Published: Nightboat Books, NY

First publication (US) of texts and works influenced by research into medieval English alongside essays, drawings, pattern-based pieces and a couple of shorter prose texts. Full reprint of Goan Atom. Reprint of Cropper chapbook. Designed by Pablo Lavalley.

“Bergvall’s work is about the inscription of language on the body and in that sense touches the pulse of ecriture feminine. It blurs the boundaries of physical, sexual, and translative work, deriving as so much of this work does, from a bilingual French/English aesthetic. But what I admire about Bergvall’s work is its absolute originality, its structural articulations”. Sina Queyras


Linda Kinnahan: “Caroline Bergvall’s rearticulated bodies: Photography and the graphic page” in Mina Loy, Twentieth Century Photography and Contemporary Women Poets, Routledge, 2017 – 236-254. Essay on Goan Atom

Matt Reeck: Blueprints, or Sight-Maps  In Jacket2. Sept 2011

Charles Bernstein: Commentary on Meddle English Jacket2, July 2011

Michael Leong: Echo’s Accent Meddle English reviewed, Brooklyn Rail, July/August 2011.

Bebrowed’s blog: For many years I have wanted to be Steve van Zandt 4 nov 2011 Meddle English and CB reviewed.

Cole Swensen: Meddle English Review in Rain Taxi Review of Books, #62 (Vol. 16 No. 2, Summer 2011) – PDF –

Vincent Broqua: Aux Limites de la Traduction : Caroline Bergvall  in Le Matricule des Anges, no. 114, juin 2010 – PDF –

Kamilla Löfström: Den Sproglige Den sproglige køkkenmødding Meddle English reviewed in the Danish newspaper Information, 26 May 2011. Brings out the historic and poetic connections made in the book between Middle English and contemporary Scandinavian languages.

Abraham Avnisan: Meddle English Review  Poetry Project Newsletter #227 (April-May 2011) – PDF –

Bebrowed’s Blog: On Meddle English & others  April 2011.

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