Collective Poesy

The disruptive pleasures of Alisoun Sings. A review by Charles Theonia. Oct 2020. Jacket 2


Spinning riffing vocalising by Kyoo Lee for Chinese Underground Lit Mag Spittoon Collective. With additional links

“Love binds, love connects”

Review essay by Greg Bem. On Alisoun Sings and looking at links across the trilogy.
Rain Taxi, Fall 2020

An Evolution of Style in 3 Poets

A great read of Alisoun Sings by Marc Scroggins. Also looks at Erica Hunt and John Matthias. HYPERALLERGIC.

Poetry Among & In The Midst

Came across this article again archived as PDF. Around Cecilia Vicuña and my own performative “interart” practices. Denise Newman. World Literature Today.

Dawn performance draws crowd on roof of Gaelic College.

In collaboration with Gaelic speakers on the island, Bergvall devised a powerful and entrancing piece, which took the audience on a sonic journey as the sun rose above the mountains. The dawn chorus’ of birds and a passing rain shower added to a multifaceted work.

Conference (after Attar)

review, Jonathan Jones, The Guardian