1DJ2MANY (2010)

First show: 2010
Location: John Hansard Gallery

Caroline Bergvall: installation concept & general composition, texts, lead voice

Adam Parkinson: soundwork, spatial sound design


Mashup text composed of some 68 pop/funk/rock songs for lust and love, recomposed line by line into one spoken song. With programming and micro beats by Adam Parkinson.

It rekindles the memory of popular song hooks heard in transit, on the radio, in clubs, in taxis, and the type of connection and excitement this recognition often provokes as one of those “soundtrack to one’s life”.

Installed in various contexts and frequently read live solo voice.

The wire mix


Featured as a remix in The Portal, Wire Music Magazine (June 2011) + interview w Will Montgomery.


Alisoun Sings


Reproduced in my book Alisoun Sings (2019) as part of the multivoiced and popular references of the contemporary Chaucerian Wife of Bath.

A list of all the songs and artists is featured as a playlist at the back of the book. pp.123-125. Here as a pdf: 1DJ2MANY Alisoun Sings

John Hansard Gallery

Title: 1DJ2MANY(wired_madeleine)

Location: John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, UK

Date: 07 May 2010 -03 July 2010

Elements: installed audiotext, reflective chrome vinyl lettering, architecture structure.

Info: I subtitled it (wired_madeleine) as an allusion to Proust’s memorable pages on the sensory experience of eating a madeleine and its immediate impact on his memory.

Link: John Hansard Gallery, Middling English 


Photos by Steve Shrimpton


Caroline Bergvall reminds us that language is ours to use and enjoy -- not the other way around!

Justin Hooper Pittsburgh City Paper
MCA Denver

Title: 1DJ2MANY (Elevation Mix 2)

Date: 2012

Location: MCA Denver, USA

Elements: Audiotext – reflective chrome lettering on mirror – in elevator.

Info: Group show: Postscript: Writing After Conceptual Art featured some 50 artists and writers exploring conceptual practices  from the 1960s to the present. Also travelled to The Powerplant, Toronto (Canada).  The catalogue – ed. by curator Andrea Andreasson, features my early keynote “What do we mean by Performance Writing” delivered at the opening of the first Performance Writing festival, Dartington College of Arts, 1996.



Title: 1DJ2MANY (Elevation Mix 1)

Location: TR4NS festival, GRü/Transtheatre, Geneva, CH

Date: 2-5 Febr 12

Elements: Audiowork in elevator, fluo lighting, one-liner chrome vinyl on mirror: ooh it’s so good.

Villa Bernoscuni

Title: 60 Songs We Love to Love

Date: 7 Feb–12 April 2015

Location: Villa Bernasconi, Geneva, Switzerland

Elements: Transparent colour panels (texts and signs), reflective circular structure (entrance area). Generative sound mix in headphone piece, vinyl text on wall (first floor)

Info: Group show: REVERSE. For this show I invited Adam to create a generative version for headphones to allow for an undisturbed and broader spectrum of clicks and beats. My voice frequently ghosted out in this version.  The entrance area was covered in colour vinyl. The circular yet split text on the first floor displayed for the first time some of the lines of the lovesong.



17 mins. First live adaptation of the piece. Presented at Actoral festival, Marseille, 2014. Unedited uncleaned video so be prepared for bad sound. 25 mins version presented at Fondation Vuitton, Paris, opening show, Oct 2015.