Ghost Cargo

Date: 21 June 2011
Location: Leeds

Concept: Caroline Bergvall

Production: Writing Encounters

Hosted by: Refugee Week, Counterpoint Arts


Flown over Leeds on the Summer Solstice, 21 June 2011, start of Refugee Week 2011. Event sponsored by Writing Encounters and Leeds City Arts Gallery.


“Planes have been passing over our heads for the past decade, unlawfully carrying unknown and untried prisoners to secret destinations. Fourteen European states have lent their airspace to the CIA’s programme of such rendition flights in the wake of 911. The flights have been stopped over Europe but a full investigation is still pending”.

The flying line of text is based on a small-scale model for a large sculpture by Barbara Hepworth as her contribution to the Monument to the Unknown Political Prisoner, Tate Britain in 1953. The model remained unrealised, until now. From wood to air.


Video Credit: Multiple portable cameras and phones, edited by E. Scourti and C. Bergvall