Date: 2015
Location: Callicoon Fine Art, NY

Materials: 32 drawings, 4 hanging text screenprints, 1 audiotext, 1 electronic textmass, 1 mural, 1 photograph

Thomas Köppel: collaborator on electronic textwork: Seafarer

Tom Martin: old printing method of newspaper photograph of the zodiac.


First created and shown in full at Callicoon Fine Arts, NY. Since then sections of the work have been featured in various group shws. The show consists of graphic and static works that have accompanied or have emerged from my overall Drift project.

FOG Prints (1m x1m50), Constellation of the Zodiac mural (dimensions variable) Hafville and Report hanging headphone pieces, 11 Drawings from the original material, Seafarer data piece composed with Thomas Koppel.

“One of the most compelling performers and brilliantly inventive poets of our time, Caroline Bergvall is completely in control of her stage craft and a master of multiple languages – ancient and modern. This is a truly international show – taking the audience beyond borders of language and time.”

Rachel Lichtenstein, Artist,writer and curator of Shorelines

Location: Callicoon NY

Date: Jan- Feb 2015

Logan Art Centre

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Other Past Shows

Sean Kelly Gallery, NY, Feb-March 2015: Hafville audio piece as part of By the Book group show

CAC, Geneva, June 2016, during the Festival de la Batie at which I performed Drift

Kathleen MacQueen: All that is Marvelous: Caroline Bergvall. 

Review of the show at Callicoon, Shifting Connections art blog, 16 Jan 2016. While the visuals present a scarcity bound to principles of uncertainty, the vocals – Bergvall’s voice – connect us to the impulse of risking death in order to live.

Martha Schwenderer: People and Languages: all at sea – Caroline Bergvall’s Drift at Callicoon, New York Times, 22 Jan 2015

The best things here are the sound works, with their poetic incantations, and some of the prints.

Clara Sankey: Drift Review
Feb 2015
This sense of directionlessness – the Vikings called it hafvilla: not knowing where one is on the sea – is the singular thread that ties the book together. Review featuring scans of some of the drawings in great new mag The Improbable.

Tim Freeborn: Shake that Microtone: Caroline Bergvall’s Drift
Special feature, Rusty Toque, art mag.

David Kaufmann: Drift book review in Asymptote
Oct 2014
“Caroline Bergvall’s latest book, Drift, is haunted by the loss of the thorn, the yogh, and Anglo-Saxon generally”.

Cherry Smyth: DRIFT review in Art Monthly – PDF – 
Oct 14
“Drift marks a significant ethical engagement for poetry in these isles”. Cherry Smyth reviews the performance and the book for Art Monthly, Oct 14

Steve Mentz: Caroline Bergvall’s Drift 
2 June 2014
Gorgeous, intricate, impassioned writing. A review of the book and a reader’s report w/ other links