Goan Atom

Date: 2001
Published: Krupskaya, SF

Krupskaya Books, San Francisco 2001 . Full graphic text version of my explorations around Bellmer’s festishistic series of sculpture photographs: La Poupée.  Variations autour d’une mineure articulée (1935/1936). A pretext to rearticulate the female body through bilingual syntax, queer imagination and more recent visual arts connections. (Out of Print).

Text centrepiece as data piece (1997): Ambient Fish.

Republished in full in Meddle English (Nightboat, 2011). The work started out as Jets-Poupee (Rem Press, 1999). Translated into French in L‘Anglais Mêlé (Presses du Réel, 2018)

The line ‘workable pussy’ appears to have its erotic cake and eat it too. Drew Milne


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