Date: 2005
Published: Salt, Cambridge

Salt Books, 2004. A volume of 12 pieces. A complicated volume to put together as a number of the pieces had initially been written and produced for presentation in various gallery or performance contexts. Some of them documented on this website. Each with a long compositional note attached to it. A few did exist as chapbooks. Black and white photo documentation. Designed by Marit Münzberg. (Out of Print).

16 Flowers / Flèsh / About Face / Say Parsley / Via (48 Dante Variarions) / In Situ / More Pets / Dog / Reading Ginsberg / Reading Arendt / 8 Figs / Gong


Vincent Broqua: Pressures of Never-at-Home: notes on gender in the work of Rosmarie Waldrop & Caroline Bergvall, Jacket #32 (April 2007) – Essay –

Piers Hugill: Love and Grammar: Fig, Jacket #31 (October 2006) – Essay –

Sina Queyras : The Fruits of Risk , The Brooklyn Rail #5 (May 2006)

Lemon Hound : Structural Articulations: Caroline Bergvall’s Fig, Lemon Hound blog (12 November 2005).

Nicky Marsh: Review of FIG (Salt Books), HOW 2 (Vol.2. Nr. 2, Dec 2004)