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Date: 2010
First location: John Hansard Gallery

Date: 2010 | Location: John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, UK.| Elements: trilingual audiowork, orange text vinyl on two sided-wall, reflective grey vinyl in red room with quote by Edouard Glissant |  sound design: Adam Parkinson

Sign: /o/


The text, the missing letter, the graphic pattern. Text installed with whited out letter /o/. Recreated as a pattern of circles. Working through trauma with its sediments.


Large scale remake, 8 Sept -3 Nov 2018. John Hansard Gallery


Initial text in two sections: Part one, “Cropper”, a short autobiographic account of discovering my gay sexuality as minoritarian and adopting English as my writing & living base. Part two, “Crop”, written in an interwoven trilingual syntax is explored in installations. Takes form of a pattern-led litany to express the frequently violent impact of border-crossings, language-crossings for minority or differential status of all kinds. Published as chapbook Cropper and republished in Meddle English.


Some never had a body to call their  own before it was taken away
som aldri hadde en kropp de kunne kalle sin egen før den ble revet bort
ceux dont le corps d’emblée leur est arraché

note – “kropp” is pronounced “crop” = “body” in Norwegian.
noen” = “some” (Norw.);  close to French “nous” (“we“).
oss” = “us” (Norw.) = pronounced French “os” (“bone“).
In the installation format, the /o/ are all whited out.

Bergvall is an in-between: her work traffics on borders and barriers.

Vincent Broqua Modernist Legacies

in preparation

Location: New space city centre: John Hansard Gallery, Southampton | Date: 2018 | Info: To be launched 8 September | Info: Large scale text, gold /o/ on window, optical realiggnemnt from public square, sound piece from Adam Parkinson: a drone of /o/…

Phone photos, C Bergvall

John Hansard Gallery

Location: John Hansard Gallery | Date: 2010 | Info: Part of Midling English | Elements: Graphics: The text, the missing the pattern. & two-sided wall. darkened quadrophonic soundroom with dark metallic quote by Edouard Glissant. 

Photos by Steve Shrimpton


Tate Modern London

Khoj Art Centre New Delhi

Location: Tate Modern, London | Date: 12 July – 3 November 2013 | Info: Group show Word Sound Power | Khoj Art Centre, New Delhi, India | Date: 10 January – 8 February 2014 | Elements: Installed audio and text “Crop”. Second pattern-led text piece, “Voice” | Link: Tate, Word Sound Power.

Christopher Nealon: Postures and Mantras: Responses to Caroline Bergvall: “Croup”  in English Language Notes 50.1 Spring / Summer 2012 / link to come

Nathalie Camerlynck: Cat in the Throat: C. Bergvall’s Plurilingual Bodies in Transnational Literature, 2015 – PDF –