Multilingual Resistance

Duration: 75mins  |  Caroline Bergvall: Lead artist, text and live voice | Thomas Köppel: Electronic text projection  |  Ingar Zach: Sound composition & live percussion


Drift takes you on a journey through time and space, where languages mix, where live percussion meets live voice, where the ancient cohabits with the present. Nordic and Anglo-Saxon tales of exile and sea travel re-emerge to shadow today’s harrowing lives and losses during crossings of the Mediterranean. Each element of this work is integrated and moulded into a strongly connective, at times nearly archaic experience of being taken through the seas of history.

Premiered in the UK at Shorelines festival, Southend-on-Sea, Nov 2013. It opened Poetry International, Purcell Room, London, 2014 at the end of its UK tour. In Europe, recent sell-out shows at Festival de la Batie, Geneva, 2016.


“One of the most compelling performers and brilliantly inventive poets of our time, Caroline Bergvall is completely in control of her stage craft and a master of multiple languages – ancient and modern. This is a truly international show – taking the audience beyond borders of language and time.”

Rachel Lichtenstein, Artist,writer and curator of Shorelines

“Drift marks a significant ethical engagement for poetry in these isles”.”

Cherry Smyth, Art Monthly

Caroline Bergvall is a mesmerising performer - impossible to imagine someone more suited to perform her work. She's a solid, disconcertingly still presence in front of the floating clouds or storms of words behind her, all her energy poured into her voice's resonating depths. Sometimes words are crooned, sometimes half sung, sometimes interspersed with clicks of the tongue that echo a heartbeat, or passing time.

Alce Savill, Exeunt

Bergvall speak-sings in a marathon show in which her powerful voice is the thread, the star our ship follows as audience.

Sophie Mayer, F-The Word

The text for the performance was inspired by the language and themes of the Seafarer, an anonymous Anglo-Saxon poem from the 10th century as well as drawing dirictly from official material from a current sea migrants’ tragedy. A contemporary meditation on migrancy, exiles and sea-travel. The dense electronic text landscape created by Thomas Köppel provides a kinetic and hypnotic reading and visual structure. It both allows and transforms the reading experience into a fluid and perceptually subtle mode of connection between live voice and textual material.

When performed in non-English speaking contexts some of this graphic text is translated into the main language of the region and integrated to the moving electronic projection. The beats, resonances and treated brushes of Ingar Zach’s subtle percussion work creates both a deeply meditative experience and a contemporary tribal pulse.

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