Collaborative Writing Processes

Co-creation reframed by isolation

Duration: 10-12 hours |  Online & Offline | 2 Saturdays + Mid-week Teamwork | Brief-led, Research, Conversations| Led by Caroline Bergvall | Preparatory Sessions: cris cheek & Amaara Raheem | Live Tech support |


Join Caroline Bergvall for this experiment focused on deepening collaborative writing methods, exploring shared practice strategies by tackling some of the questions that haunt our post-lockdown futures.

After the lockdowns: What are we coming back to? What have we learnt? What are we emerging from, still haunted by? What kind of practices developed under lockdowns can be repurposed for renewed ways of working and living together? What are the commons? How will we make sure not to resort to the old?

Work together. Work differently. Be responsive. Work without knowing.

The aim of this workshop experiment is to ask these questions by exploring tools and strategies to favour a co-operative mindset. It promotes teamwork, responsiveness, exchange and co-creation. It supports a fighting spirit and unearthed histories against the isolation, collective depletion and divisiveness of a post-COVID-19 world.

It favours self-awareness and values a deepened listening practice towards one another’s identities,  backgrounds, experiences to seek to transform future writing in partnership with others. It is brief-led and geared towards small group work. Outputs are team-based and can be a combination of mixed media, video, audio, and text-based work.

This workshop is suited to any writer who needs to shake off the current static. It is especially suitable for writers, artists, designers with some experience of collaboration.

Caroline Bergvall has been practising as a writer, performer and facilitator for over 20 years. Her practice is interdisciplinary and stretches across various artforms, media and language. Her works include books, performances, installations, soundworks and print. The workshop features some of Caroline Bergvall’s approaches to writing and aims to support you with your own practice.

Collaborate. Create. Ask questions. Beat isolation by sharing.

Expect to:

  • Find ways to work cooperatively throughout
  • See/hear examples and models of collaborative work
  • Apply values of exchange and negotiation
  • Develop a shared pool of resources
  • Work and think offline online
  • Test unfamiliar ways of working

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``Many thanks once again for a deeply enriching and inspiring three hours!``

Previous workshop attendee

“One of the most compelling performers and brilliantly inventive poets of our time, Caroline Bergvall is completely in control of her stage craft and a master of multiple languages – ancient and modern. This is a truly international show – taking the audience beyond borders of language and time.”

Rachel Lichtenstein, Artist,writer and curator of Shorelines

``I thought it was a wonderful experience with a fabulous group. I took away some new ideas and a lot of energy which has been propelling my work.``

Previous workshop attendee
This workshop is part of the ongoing series of writing intensives C. Bergvall started during the first Covid global lockdowns to ease isolation, pool resources, and maintain networks between writers and arts practitioners.
They are also the offshoots of her online public writing events Night & Refuge.
In line with the development of her Creative Lab, they have become increasingly geared towards thinking through and trying out new paradigms of language-based and interrelational arts practice.