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Alisoun Sings & Other Projects

Event and livestream from NYU Department of Social & Cultural Analysis, New York, New York . This event will be live-streamed on Caroline’s Facebook page

Alisoun Sings

Advance information about my new book Alisoun Sings to be released on 19 Nov’19 (Nightboat, NY). PDF.

Language Station Event: Ladino & Galician

A really special opportunity to discover and discuss these two rich and ancient languages with contemporary practitioners! Singer Monica Acosta – poet Alba Cid – scholar Julian Weiss- poet/translator Erin Moure (live link). Book here.


Text and voice track for Ingar Zach’s haunting composition. With Kim Myhr (guitar), Bozzini Quartet (str.). CD just out: “Floating Layer Cake”. Sofa, Norway.

Pressing Clouds Passing Crowds

Text cycle written & spoken for guitarist Kim Myhr’s exquisite project. With Bozzini Quartet (str.)& Ingar Zach (perc). Hubro, Norway.


7’07”. In French. W/ Anne Gillot, after making the piece at Espace 2/ RTS studios.