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36 mins. Integrated text, sound , image. An immersive response to the inner and outer upheavals of the global COVID-19 lockdown. Includes the Night & Refuge collective poem. Premiered Berlin Poesie Festival. A Sonic Atlas Project.

Night & Refuge: Live Collaborative Writing

5 voices, 3 hours, 1 poem. Writing online & through the night with poets Vahni Capildeo, Leo Boix, Will Harris and Nisha Ramayaa. Hosted by Versopolis, Counterpoints Arts & Cement Fields. Encounter-led live work. A Sonic Atlas project.

Cover Art: Reading Experimental Writing

From Lines. A 16 drawings series for my book DRIFT, 2015. Cover of essays by poets and scholars about poets’ practices. Chapter on my work by Susan Rudy. Ed. Georgina Colby. Edinburgh UP

The Language of Alisoun

From an expansively hosted conversation with Sukhdev Sandhu & Stephen Motika, NYU. Edited transcript: “The Language of Alisoun”, Nightboat Blog.

Release Date

Nightboat Books. Tagged a Must-Read-Poetry on its release in The Millions.

Language Station Event: Ladino & Galician

A really special opportunity to discover and discuss these two rich and ancient languages with contemporary practitioners! Singer Monica Acosta – poet Alba Cid – scholar Julian Weiss- poet/translator Erin Moure (live link). Book here.


Text and voice track for Ingar Zach’s haunting composition. With Kim Myhr (guitar), Bozzini Quartet (str.). CD just out: “Floating Layer Cake”. Sofa, Norway.

Pressing Clouds Passing Crowds

Text cycle written & spoken for guitarist Kim Myhr’s exquisite project. With Bozzini Quartet (str.)& Ingar Zach (perc). Hubro, Norway.


7’07”. In French. W/ Anne Gillot, after making the piece at Espace 2/ RTS studios.